The day that made us lol 11\9\16

Hello everyone me again hope you enjoy my 1st blog post. My hope for the blog is to provide you with the information to keep everyone updated with our youth ministry here at King church 

So here what we did on the 11th of September 

We got told a story about 4 blind man who try to feel a 

The point of this story was to show us they is more then one way to look at who god is 

Then we look at John 14:6 where it says is the only way to get to heve and we got ask if we ever try tell our friends that if they don’t believe in jesus they are going hell and how there would react 

Then we got show a picture perfect show how people feel when we talk about our relationship with God 

So that why people say don’t talk about their relationship with God in public 
Lizzie was also working hard on the youth services with 4 of the youth 

Until next time 

Good bless

King church youth 


Bleep test

Hello this the 1st blog post to keep everyone updated with our walk with God as the youth group united thought our 3 groups

  • Unite (youth group)
  • Youth bible study
  • Sunday church

This blog is also follow us on a journey to put together king church 1st ever youth service on the 25th of September (more of that later)

Unite 7/9/16 our 1st day back 

Today we started with doing a bleep test 1st up was the girls who only got up to 4.4. Then it was the boy time to try the bleep test and they all try really hard to push them self and got all the way to 14.3 then we got told that the one we did is only 2.5m and a normal bleep test is 20m and a football player and do 13.3 on a 20m bleep test

Then it was time for this week talk and this week we look at the Olympics and compare their training to our walk with Christ and we learn two things

  1. In the Olympics they are trying to win as many Olympic medals as they can where in our Christian walk we are trying to win as many heart as we can for Christ 
  2. 2.sadly when we die we don’t actually take are medals to heaven so what it the point of winning (sorry sports fan but it true)

So that was that 1st of hopeful many blog post

God bless

King church youth